Swansea Village in West Toronto

Swansea Village is the only Toronto neighbourhood that has its own community run Town Hall. Swansea is also the only Toronto neighbourhood to have a lake, a river, and a pond as it’s natural boundaries. Swansea’s hilly terrain, winding roads and many mature trees accentuate the storybook houses that line the residential streets of this neighbourhood.  Swansea is mainly residential in nature, with a wide variety of various housing types. Swansea’s high end homes are located either at the western edge of  High Park  overlooking Grenadier Pond, or on Riverside Drive and the Brule Gardens enclave bordering the Humber river. Swansea also contains a large number of  bungalows and semi-detached houses located mostly in the centre of the neighbourhood. The typical house in the area was built between 1905 and 1935.

The area of the former Swansea Works in the southern part of the neighbourhood is considerably newer, except for some of the original workers’ homes. The Queensway was built in the 1950s through the Swansea Works lands. The area to the south of  The Queensway was retained for industry, while the area to the north was redeveloped primarily with apartment and condo buildings and townhome developments. The actual factory site, between The Queensway and Lake Shore Boulevard, has been redeveloped since 2000 into townhomes and condominium apartments.

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