Who Pays When a Rented Hot Water Tank Leaks?

Hot Water Tank

Rachel Moses is a lawyer specializing in litigation. But she found she was outgunned when asking Direct Energy to pay for damage to her basement caused by a leaking water heater. “I was told I should make a claim through my home insurance. I made it very clear that I would not do that,” she… Read More

Buying Your First Home in Toronto

First Time Buyers With New House

More than two-thirds of Canadian households are homeowners. The homeownership rate has been rising steadily since the end of the Second World War, through several real estate cycles – including a period when mortgage interest topped 20 per cent in the 1980s, and the more recent era with extremely low rates. For most Canadians, a… Read More

Toronto’s Budget Plans Clarifying

Toronto City Hall

Lest anyone still think the next year is going to be an easy one for the City of Toronto, Joseph Pennachetti can set you straight. Pennachetti is Toronto’s city manager, hand-picked by former Mayor David Miller, and now answering to a very different boss in current Mayor Rob Ford. And there will be a big… Read More

Toronto City Hall Pulls The Plug On Free Downspout Disconnection


The city has reneged on a promise to provide free downspout disconnections for almost 900 homeowners in North York.In a budget-cutting move on Feb. 23, the city voted to end this free service as of March 1. Over 7,000 Toronto households on the waiting list are now to pay out of their own pocket. What’s… Read More

Spring Awakening at Grenadier Pond

Just retired from the department of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Toronto, Ann Zimmerman has responded to our inquiry: how does a pond awaken in the spring? The Grenadier Pond ice is peeling back from the shoreline. A scrim of algae is painted a pretty green atop a breakaway collar of ice…. Read More

Fires Coming to High Park!

High Park Sign

The city is set to undertake a controlled burn in High Park sometime in mid-April, part of an ongoing effort to protect Toronto’s rare black oak woodlands.The actual date is planned to coincide with ideal weather conditions and will be announced 24 to 48 hours prior to the burn. A prescribed burn is a deliberately… Read More

Front Yard Parking Debate To Hit Toronto City Hall Again

Front Yard Parking in Toronto

Political observers will get a perfect test case Wednesday to see how much of a shift has taken place at Toronto City Hall.York South-Weston Councillor Frances Nunziata is asking council’s public works committee to fix odd situations where residents who otherwise meet all city requirements can’t get a permit for a front yard parking pad… Read More

How To Buy Your Kids a House in Canada

Three Generation Family

Many Baby Boomers have paid-for homes, while their grown children are contemplating entering the housing market. Instead of letting them rent during their first foray after leaving the nest, it’s tempting to buy a second “investment” property with Junior as the main tenant. Fully 10% of Canadian parents are considering this, according to TD Canada… Read More

Hot Toronto Market May Get Even Hotter

Toronto Real Estate Prices March 2011

Price and sales figures for the first two weeks of March were released by the Toronto Real Estate Board this week. These data show a continuation of the strong growth in prices seen in January and February. Prices are almost 5% higher than in the same period last year, and the market remains very tight,… Read More

The World’s 12 Most Overpriced Real Estate Markets

Australian House

Property prices in the U.S. may have fallen 2% in February, but many homeowners around the world are in the midst of a massive housing bubble. Prices continue to be pushed up by the traditional formula: excessive demand, inadequate supply, and easy lending.The Economist has broken down which markets are most overvalued, by comparing rental prices… Read More