Will An Open House Help To Sell Your Home?

Will an Open House Help to Sell Your Home?Open houses will lead to more exposure for your home and more feedback from potential buyers. On the other hand, since we have so much information available to buyers on the Internet, such as video tours of the entire home, wouldn’t it make more sense to wait for a truly interested buyer to schedule a private appointment to see your home? Click here to view the full article.

Many sellers believe that open houses are essential to achieving the best possible result. In reality open houses are one of the weaker tools in our marketing tool kit… but that doesn’t mean that they are of no use. In a very strong sellers’ market, such as we have been experiencing for the past couple of years, open houses during the first week on the market can help to maximize the number of buyers who see the house before the “offer date” and therefore improve the odds of a bidding war. Also, never underestimate the value of the “nosy neighbours” that visit the open houses; it’s amazing how often the eventual buyer is a friend or relative of someone in the neighbourhood. Also, the neighbours can be great ambassadors; after all, they have a vested in your success, as that will boost the value of their own properties!