Termites Spreading Through Toronto

TermitesTermites are causing an estimated $120 million in property damage each year in the GTA by eating through wood structures and dropping neighbourhood property values by up to 25%, according to the Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association. Citywide, the infestation has made its way from the north Beach area to East York, along the Lakeshore and College St. from Yonge St. to Ossington Ave.

Termites consume cellulose and don’t leave sawdust. They attack wood and need constant contact with their nest underground as well as a certain level of moisture to survive. A colony can have from 50,000 to one million workers. “They don’t come out like ants. They actually live in the soil and come through crevices and cracks in your foundation. The biggest concern is structural damage you don’t know about,” Murphy says. Click here to view the full article.

 via torontosun.com

Termites were introduced to Toronto in the late 1930’s by cargo ships offloading near Cherry Street. Since then, termites have spread through many parts of southern Ontario. While certain parts of Toronto are known to have espcially high concentrations of termites, they now can be found almost anywhere in the city. The damage done by termites is insidious. They are rarely seen, and they wreak their destruction very slowly from the inside out, so by the time you notice anything the damage is already severe. On the other hand, if an infestation is discovered early, it is relatively easy to get it under control. There’s no need to panic… but if you live in a known termite “hot spot”, or if you learn about termite treatments in the area (extermination companies like Aetna have this information), it would be prudent to have a professional check things out for you. This also applies, of course, to a home that you are thinking about buying.