Don’t Misjudge a Property by Its Street Face

For real estate buyers, the process of purchasing a home, or cottage, can be overwhelming. Many purchasers, particularly first-time or first-time-in-a-long-time buyers, are relieved that at least part of the buying process is easy—viewing properties. That’s where they make a big mistake. It seems easy: Look at a house from the street, and you either… Read More

Land Transfer Taxes Unfair to Home Buyers

New Home Tax Burden

REALTORS are no fans of land transfer taxes, which are paid by home buyers when they purchase a home. We strongly believe that home ownership is something that all levels of government should be encouraging, not discouraging with punitive taxes directly targeted at home buying. That’s why we are calling for governments to re-think where… Read More

Six Ways To Make Sure You Buy The Right House

Dream Home

A year ago I wrote the most common mistake home buyers make is buying with their heart instead of their head — usually because they panic while involved in a stressful negotiation for which they are unprepared. The result is that buyers pay more than they should, or are disappointed later when they find defects… Read More

Investors Dominating Toronto Condo Market

Toronto Condo Market Dominated by Investors

With Toronto’s condo market among the hottest in the world right now — almost 68,000 new units are now in the planning stages or under construction across the GTA — investors are cashing in big time on what looks like a sure bet compared to battered stock markets. Some 45 to 60 per cent of… Read More