West Toronto Churches Being Converted Into Condos

Church Conversions in West Toronto

There are several examples of  turn-of-the-century churches receiving a new lease on life throughout the High Park and Roncesvalles neighbourhoods. In one block of Annette Street alone, there are two places of worship whose interiors have been completely transformed. Click here to view the full article. via insidetoronto.com   Churches becoming condos. Surely a sign… Read More

Flooded Basement Leads To A Lawsuit – Who’s Liable?

House with Flooded Basement

Don and Louise Beauchamp sold their home in November, 2007 and a week before closing in early 2008 the basement flooded. They paid $1,649 to dry out the rug and replace the underpad, but did not tell the buyers. The Beauchamps thought this was a “one off” occurrence and since they had fixed the problem… Read More

Housing Evolution Driving Canadian Real Estate Price Appreciation

Housing Evolution Driving Real Esate Price Appreciation

Billions spent in new construction, renovation, and infill over the past decade have contributed to a serious upswing in the calibre of Canada’s housing stock, propping up residential average price in the country’s major centres, according to a report released today by RE/MAX. Since 2000, the value of a Canadian home has doubled, rising from… Read More

Conditions in Offers Must Be Taken Seriously

Conditions in Offers are Serious

The law says that every condition must be exercised in good faith. You can’t just say “I changed my mind” and walk away from a deal. But in practice, it is not so easy to understand, as we see in the following two cases. Click here to view the full article. via moneyville.ca   Many… Read More

Toronto Market Kicks Into A Higher Gear

House Prices Rising

Just when we thought the Toronto area market was ready to cool off, now that the fall market is nearing an end, the pace has actually picked up. Prices through the first two weeks of November actually increased a bit versus October; normally we see prices start to taper off a bit after Hallowe’en (see… Read More

Use Paint To Manipulate Mood

Couple painting a wall

Painting your home is a great way to enhance the appearance of your home, especially when it’s time to sell. But don’t just slather on a fresh coat for the sake of upgrading – choose colors that will enhance your mood. When it’s time to sell, anything that you can do to improve the mood… Read More

Canadian Boomers Ponder Retirement, Mortgages and Moving

Baby Boomer Couple in Front of Home

Looking at the largest and most wealthy segment of Canada’s population, several major banks have been researching what the baby boomers are planning to do as they head to their retirement years. Studies have looked at their mortgage situation, whether they plan to downsize or move out of the province or the country and exactly… Read More

Variable or Fixed Rate Mortgage? It’s No Contest

Variable vs Fixed Rate Mortgage

Variable-rate mortgages are so over. Go fixed rate if you’re arranging or renewing a mortgage, and think hard about the four-year term. If you take in all the recent developments in the mortgage market, this is the most logical strategy. Variable-rate mortgages are being sold at the prime rate in many cases right now, which… Read More

Childhood Memories Inspire Christmas Window Displays in The Junction

Christmas Windows in The Junction

For the second year, The Junction Business Improvement Area (BIA), of which McGuinty is executive director, will present a Santa in The Junction event, this time boasting as many as 14 magical window displays on Saturday, Nov. 26. Except these storefront windows won’t feature any mechanics, but rather children from the Creative Children’s Dance Centre… Read More

The Joys of Homeownership

Happy Homeowners

Today’s experts spout off the latest statistics about long-term wealth, home values, and interest rates, yet there’s a much more sentimental side to homeownership. In fact, many home buyers are drawn to homeownership for these warm and fuzzy reasons. Owning a home allows you to put down roots, both figuratively and literally. On one hand… Read More