Disconnect Your Downspouts – It’s The Law!

Downspout Disconnection

Toronto homes built before the 1960’s generally had their downspouts connected to the sewer system. That may have been a good idea at the time, but now it’s become a major problem. As the city has grown, the capacity of the sewer system has become seriously strained, especially since much of the city has combined… Read More

Can The High Park Zoo Be Saved?

Mouflon Sheep in High Park Zoo

The city has proposed closing the small, 110-year-old west-end zoo next year as part of its plan to reduce the budget. Parkdale-High Park councillor Sarah Doucette opposed the move and has been trying to find new sources of revenue. But time is running out and the mini-zoo will close next year if no solutions are… Read More

Whither Goest The Toronto Real Estate Market?

House Price Uncertainty

Our real estate market continues to over perform relative to the rest of the world and, over the past several months, we have been bombarded with predictions about the future of house prices for Canada in general and Toronto in particular. The range of these predictions is really quite staggering, considering that they are all… Read More

Canada’s Low Interest Rates: Good News and Bad News

Mortgage Interest Rate Puzzle

Canada’s mortgage interest rates have been near historically low levels for years, and because of current global economic conditions, rates are not expected to rise significantly until 2013. If you’re shopping for a mortgage, that’s great news. But an extended period of low interest rates is taking its toll on the economy. Bank of Canada… Read More

Residents Concerned About Roncesvalles Village Development

Roncesvalles Development

A proposed development on Howard Park Avenue in Roncesvalles Village is just too big, neighbours say. A collection of properties, mainly auto shops along Howard Park between Roncesvalles Avenue and Dundas St. W., is the site of a proposed 10-story development. via insidetoronto.com   This is one of three developments struggling to satisfy the concerns… Read More

Real Estate Agent Sues Seller For Staging Costs

A Toronto man is reeling after his real estate agent sued him when he pulled his house off the market. It’s a modern day real estate cautionary tale with the usual lesson – get everything in writing. Including who pays for the staging of a house that never winds up being sold. Click here to… Read More

Learn From Others’ Financial Mistakes & Avoid Your Own

I'm in Debt

The same financial mistakes that are playing out on a global scale can undermine us as individuals, families, and small businesses. Would you rather make the same financial errors yourself, or simply avoid the mistakes of others? When you watch, read, or listen to news of the European financial crisis, don’t just shake your head… Read More

Mortgage Rates Are Poised To Rise – A Bit

Mortgage Rates Poised to Move Up

Mortgage rates could be drifting up again soon, even if the Bank of Canada is standing pat for now, experts say. Already over the last few months, variable-rate mortgages have started to climb, erasing much of the advantage they had over traditional fixed-rate mortgages, says Kerri-Lynn McAllister, community manager at RateHub.ca. McAllister says we can… Read More

What Canadians Want in Housing

Canadian House in Winter

Winter (and the threat of it) drives Canadians south of the border, not displeasure with their communities or way of life. Why don’t we build more housing attached to covered areas like shopping malls, entertainment centres, and urban underground shopping concourses so we can stay home and get out in all weather? Why aren’t Canadians… Read More

Toronto City Councillors On Ice in High Park Curling Club Centennial Bonspiel

High Park Curling Club

Local Toronto City Councillors will be out on the ice Saturday, Dec. 3 in a friendly game to help celebrate the High Park Curling Club’s Centennial Anniversary. It’s a fitting celebration given that club members used to hold bonspiel tournaments in the 1980s and 90s on Grenadier Pond, according to member Edith Curtis. The tournament… Read More