Real Estate Agent Sues Seller For Staging Costs

Agent Sues Seller for Staging CostsA Toronto man is reeling after his real estate agent sued him when he pulled his house off the market. It’s a modern day real estate cautionary tale with the usual lesson – get everything in writing. Including who pays for the staging of a house that never winds up being sold. Click here to view the full article. 


The cost of listing a home for sale in Toronto has been rising steadily in recent years. Professional photography, colour brochures, floor plans, pre-inspection reports and home staging can easily add up to thousands of dollars. Since there is no return on that investment, to either the homeowner or the real estate agent, unless the house sells, it is very important to clarify who pays for what, since either or both could be significantly out-of-pocket if the house doesn’t sell. As this article shows, with such large amounts of money at stake, verbal agreements won’t do – get it in writing and avoid nasty disputes.