Residents Concerned About Roncesvalles Village Development

Roncesvalles DevelopmentA proposed development on Howard Park Avenue in Roncesvalles Village is just too big, neighbours say. A collection of properties, mainly auto shops along Howard Park between Roncesvalles Avenue and Dundas St. W., is the site of a proposed 10-story development.


This is one of three developments struggling to satisfy the concerns of local residents. The proposed Roncesvalles Village development will have two condo buildings with a total of 200 units along a stretch of Howard Park that is currently zoned commercial.

A second development in the High Park area, on the north side of Bloor Street between Oakmount and Pacific, would replace a block of boarded-up old houses with a 14 storey mixed-use building with more than 375 residential units and about 1500 square metres of retail space on the ground level. Local ratepayers argue that the building will be too high and have organized a “This is My Park” committee to push for changes.

The third development, of course, is the plan to replace the Swansea Plaza at 34 Southport Street with a condo/townhouse/retail complex. The plaza has been abandoned for almost a decade now; the developer has listened carefully to local concerns and will hopefully be able to get their plan approved sometime next year.