Never Buy A House Without A Home Inspection

Never Buy a House without a Home InspectionOntario’s hot housing market continues to spark bidding wars and, in many cases, buyers are being advised by agents to make “clean” offers to get the house they want.

By “clean”, the agent means an offer without any conditions in order to make it more acceptable to the seller. Big mistake. I constantly hear stories from ‘successful’ home buyers, who bought without an inspection. They later uncovered major problems, many of which could have been identified with a proper inspection.Click here to view the full article.


Buyers face a real dilemma in this hot market. It is rarely possible to win a bidding war with a conditional offer, and so including a home inspection condition usually takes the buyer completely out of contention for the house. Often, smart sellers and listing agents will make a pre-inspection report available for buyers so that a clean offer can be made with knowledge of the mechanical issues with the house. If this isn’t the case, however, the buyer must either perform their own inspection prior to making the offer (which means $500 wasted if they lose the bidding war), or make an unconditional offer without an inspection report. Neither option is very palatable.

Home inspections cannot uncover every issue with a house, as they cannot do invasive tests to determine what’s behind walls, etc. Nevertheless, as this article points out, there are a many expensive-to-fix problems that can be readily discovered by a competent home inspector, and many others where the inspector can find clues that suggest further tests are appropriate and/or that the buyer should take a pass on the house. If no formal home inspection is to be done, then at the very least the buyer should have someone familiar with home systems and construction have a close look at the house before making an offer.


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    Buying without home inspection can be harmful in the future and you have determined it in a good way which is easy to understand. I suggest that whatever your next move to the real estate, always ask for a property inspection, it’s one type of gambling so you have to play your cards well.