If A Tree Falls In Your Yard – Does Anyone Pay?

If a tree falls in your yard, does anyone pay?Among the most popular questions that come up time and again are about trees on the boundary between houses or properties.

Who owns them? What are the rules about cutting branches or roots that extend onto your property? If you think a tree is dying, can you cut it down? If your neighbour’s tree falls onto your yard in a storm is it his responsibility to pay for the cleanup? Are there any protected trees in Ontario that cannot be trimmed? Click here to view the full article.


Many people think that if their property is damaged by a neighbour’s tree, either a fallen branch or the whole tree, the neighbour is responsible for paying for the damage. Not so. Unless the tree is dying or unhealthy and you have pointed this out to your neighbour, chances are you will be picking up the tab. Not only that, many insurance policies don’t cover this type of damage, so there may not be any help from that quarter either.

If the tree is in your front yard (or your neighbour’s front yard), chances are it’s a City tree – good luck getting compensation from the City if their tree (or a big branch from their tree) falls on your house!