CSA May Get Involved in Training & Certification of Home Inspectors

 CSA may get involved in certification of home inspectorsThe Canadian Standards Association Group and the National Home Inspector Certification Council have agreed to explore the possibility of having the CSA get involved in training, testing and certification of home inspectors from coast to coast.

The two groups are in “very preliminary discussions” to see if they can build “a strong, credible, consistent and sustainable” national home inspector certification program that would provide better protections for homebuyers, said Anthony Toderian, manager of corporate affairs for CSA Group.

“We’re just floating the idea right now and examining the issue to see if there is a need and, if so, where do we go from here,” he added.

CSA Group, a growing offshoot of the CSA’s traditional product testing work, already provides training, testing and personnel certification for employees in a number of specialized fields, from the greenhouse gas to medical devices sectors. Click here to view the full article.


Home inspections have become a critical part of the homebuying process, and buyers have come to rely heavily on inspection reports for reassurance about the mechanical and structural condition of what they are purchasing. While there are many excellent home inspectors and home inspection companies, there are also many poorly qualified inspectors, as the industry is unregulated and the requirements for becoming an inspector are limited. The establishment of strong standards for training, testing and certification by a well-recognized and highly respected organization like the CSA would be a big step toward providing homebuyers some basic assurance that they will get a professional home inspection report if they choose a CSA-approved inspector.