Swansea Plaza Condo Development Plan Approved

34-50 Southport Street Artist's ConceptionThe development application for the condo development on the site of the old Swansea Plaza at 34-50 Southport Street has been approved by Etobicoke York Community Council. After more than 10 years since the abandonment of the plaza, and after two earlier tries by another developer, it looks like construction will actually take place sometime before the end of this decade. The proposed development will comprise two condo towers of 29 and 26 storeys, respectively, with up to 1300 sq meters of ground floor commercial space, and a separate block of 16 townhouses with up to 900 sq meters of ground floor commercial space. The plan is the result of extensive consultations, including input from local residents through the South Kingsway Neighbourhood Committee, though the final result doesn’t include as much retail as residents wanted. After driving past this vacant lot for so many years, it will be great to see the project finally move forward, even if it’s not exactly perfect in everyone’s eyes.