Clean Train Coalition Appeals Court Decision Re: Airport Rail Link Plan

Airport Rail LinkThe Clean Train Coalition is seeking leave to appeal a recent decision of the Ontario Divisional Court to deny access to justice for claims based on the right to a healthy environment. The Coalition was not entitled to argue its case challenging the Metrolinx plan to run diesel trains on the air rail link from Union Station to Pearson Airport. Click here to view the full article.


The Clean Train Coalition and the Junction Triangle Rail Committee have been battling with Metrolinx over the province’s plan to run diesel trains along a rail line linking Union Station with Pearson Airport. There is no objection to the idea of a rail link, which everyone agrees is needed, rather the objection is to the use of diesel trains instead of healthier and more environmentally-friendly (not to mention quieter) electric trains. The contention is that the Metrolinx plan is politically motivated, in that the aim is to have the rail link running in time for the 2015 Pan Am Games, rather than take more time to properly evaluate the pros and cons of diesel versus electric. The latest court decision went against the Coalition, and they are planning to appeal this decision. The optics aren’t great: it certainly appears as if Metrolinx and the province are thumbing their noses at the local interest groups for the wrong reasons.