Runnymede Fire Station Survives – For Now

Runnymede Fire Station Stays Alive

Neighbourhood residents can breathe a sigh of relief as city council voted to save the Runnymede fire station during its budget meeting Wednesday, Jan. 16. While approving Toronto’s 2013 operating budget, city council voted to restore 83 frontline firefighter positions and to maintain fire trucks slated for removal from five stations as part of the… Read More

West Toronto Schools To Get Millions in Government Funding

Happy School

School council representatives are rejoicing in the wake of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s announcement of an $8.2 million funding injection announced last week, for additions at Keele Street & Swansea Public Schools. The funding is in addition to the $2.6 million in full-day kindergarten capital funding for the two schools, according to ministry spokesperson… Read More

Toronto Market Off to a Solid Start in 2013

The Toronto Real Estate Board has published the sales and pricing figures for the first two weeks of January, and the news is good. After consecutive declines in year-over-year sales for the past six months, the number of homes sold between January 1st and January 14 was actually 2.4% higher than during the same two… Read More

A Very Costly Homebuying Mistake

Breach of Contract

As part of a home sale, many buyers ask for repairs to be done before the deal closes. But if the details are not set out clearly, there can be serious consequences. Here’s why. In August, 2003 Janet Morrow agreed to buy a house in Kawartha Lakes for $174,000, with a closing date of October… Read More

2013 Outlook From Toronto Real Estate Board

In the 23 minute video below, Jason Mercer, the Toronto Real Estate Board’s Senior Manager of Market Analysis, presents his views on the outlook for the Greater Toronto Area real estate market over the coming year. Here are some of the highlights:  Total sales were down in the second half of 2012 as compared… Read More

European Housing Concept Promotes ‘Happier, Healthier Living’

Healthy Eco House

Active House, a Danish concept that aims to make houses more comfortable and healthier as well as kinder on the environment, has come to Canada in a 20-unit townhouse development in downtown Toronto. “There are people out there building single homes who are driven toward using net zero energy, for example, but they are not… Read More

Interest Rate Update – Week of January 7, 2013

Markets are up, bond yields are rising and there is renewed optimism about the green shoots of economic recovery in the air. (Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.) The U.S. government swerved at the last minute to avoid the dreaded fiscal cliff, the latest U.S. and Canadian employment data were once again solid and… Read More

Should A Seller Disclose That Someone Died in the House?

Should a Seller Disclose a Death in the House?

In November the Toronto Star reported that a Bowmanville couple is suing their real estate agent and the people from whom they bought their house for not disclosing that there had been a double murder there 15 years earlier — including that of a 6-year-old girl. Two years ago in Orangeville, a homebuyer was able… Read More

Why Toronto Area Real Estate Market Will Remain Strong in 2013

Strong Toronto Market Continues

Many economists predicted a local real estate crash in 2012, with prices falling by up to 25 per cent. I didn’t see that prediction coming true and it didn’t. Nor will do I believe it will happen in 2013. Here’s why: 1. Homes are more affordable In 1990, the average GTA home cost half of… Read More

Which Real Estate Decisions Will You Make in 2013?

Real Estate Decisions in 2013

In the last weeks of what has been both an action-packed and a wait-and-see year, attention will shift from 2012 goings-on to projections for 2013 – as if anyone knows for sure. January will see the annual forward-looking media broadcasts and pundit prognosis, and a wide range of business and online reflections on prospects for… Read More