7 Reasons Why Your House May Not Be Selling

House for SaleSelling a home isn’t as simple as planting a sign in the ground any more. It involves preparation, timing and strategic advice. If you don’t do all of the above, do not be surprised when your home does not sell while others in the area are doing so.

Here are some common mistakes:

1. Good photos matter

More and more, buyers are being introduced to properties online. Pictures and videos matter. Before you take any picture, make sure your home has been properly de-cluttered, inside and out, and consider staging tips that will make the rooms appear larger. Pictures from your own iPhone will not impress anyone. Make sure all photographs are taken by professionals.

2. An MLS listing isn’t enough

In addition to the MLS, your home needs to be marketed on social media and should be directly advertised to other real estate agents, here and abroad, who are more likely to bring a buyer to your home. Foreign investors want Canadian real estate, as they view it as a safe investment. You need to reach every potential buyer.  More

via 7 reasons your house may not be selling | Toronto Star.

The standards for sellers have risen significantly in recent years: buyers’ expectations are much higher than they used to be. The five fundamentals are:

  1. Staging – aim for “model home” presentation, with attractive paint colours & decor (including rented furniture if necessary); all visible defects repaired; and the entire house spotlessly clean and odour free.
  2. Digital Marketing – Buyers shop for homes almost exclusively on the internet. Photos must be professional quality and chosen to present the home in the best possible light, and information about the home must be complete and easily accessible. When your house is found on the internet, it must immediately catch the buyer’s interest and make him want to come and see it.
  3. Exposure – MLS isn’t enough, buyers look for homes all over the internet. The web footprint must be large enough that buyers will find the home no matter where or how they search – including social media.
  4. Access – You must make it as easy as possible for buyers to get in to see the home on their schedule, not yours.
  5. Price – None of the above will matter if the house is not priced in line with (or below!) its market value. Overpriced properties will languish on the market no matter how well they are presented.