Never Sign Rental Contracts At The Door

Hot Water TankOntario consumers will get stronger protection and more rights when dealing with door-to-door sales of water heaters.

Bill 55, which passed second reading this month, will give you 20 days to change your mind after signing a water heater rental contract at the door. Suppliers can’t charge fees to remove equipment installed in that time.

The Ontario government received 1,835 complaints and inquiries about water heater rentals in 2013. It’s the second highest category of complaints after collection agencies.

via Never sign rental contracts at the door: Roseman | Toronto Star.

It’s about time the government established a “cooling off” period for these door-to-door hot water heater salespeople. There will still be vulnerable people who get taken in, but 20 days should be enough time for most people to figure it out and cancel the contract if it doesn’t make sense.