Hot Fall Market Continues

Prices Late October 2013

Toronto area prices continued to move upward through the first three weeks of October, and are now close to the all time highs reached in the spring. Compared with last October, prices are over 7% higher, though this is a bit misleading because of last year’s weak fall market (due to mortgage rule changes in… Read More

5 Key Things To Consider When Buying a Resale Home

The decision to buy a house is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Here are five key things to keep in mind: 1. What is the seller telling you about the house? Sellers used to provide disclosure statements, telling buyers about the condition of the home and disclosing problems. These days, lawyers… Read More

Buyer Loses Lawsuit Over ‘Haunted Building’ Joke

Haunted House

A lawsuit in Kitchener surrounding the sale of an office building was thrown out of court when the buyer who had complained about ghosts on the property could not provide any proof. The lesson is that if the history of a property matters to you, whether it is murders, suicides or rumours of paranormal activity,… Read More

Province To Announce Public Review of Building Process

The Ontario government is set to announce details of a review of the municipal planning and development process Thursday that the GTA building industry hopes will finally help area residents understand the escalating impact of provincial intensification policies. Two consultation papers — one aimed at streamlining the land-use planning process and the role of the… Read More

5 Key Things To Ask When Buying a New Home

New Home Construction

Many people will buy their first home from a builder, whether it is a detached home, townhouse or condominium unit. Here are the five questions you need to ask to make sure you don’t make a mistake. What is the builder’s reputation? This may be the most important research you can do before buying from… Read More

3-D Printing Comes To The Home

3D Printer

New research says you can now download plans to 3D print so many household items, “printing” and using those items can offset the thousands of dollars it costs to buy a 3D printer. “For the average consumer, 3D printing is ready for show time,” says Associate Professor Joshua Pearce, from Michigan Technological University, in Houghton,… Read More

Canada’s Census Reveals Changing Housing Market

Statistics Report

To see how Canada’s housing market is evolving, take a look at the National Household Survey (NHS), part of the 2011 Census that was recently released by Statistics Canada. The survey shows that while Canada’s homeownership rate has remained at about 69 per cent during the last decade, the market is shifting. Condominiums are taking… Read More

Buyer’s Comfort Zone May Be a Danger Zone

Danger Zone

The greatest obstacles to success with any goal can be our advantages. These comfort zones can be dangerous distractions when advancing toward a goal to buy a home or cottage, or to achieve any significant change in life. Your advantages can represent limitations since they offer only familiar possibilities and obvious opportunities. These aren’t necessarily… Read More