Will House Prices Rise Again In 2014?

Toronto Prices Mid December 2013

The short answer to that question is “almost certainly yes”. 2013 is ending on a very strong note, with December prices about 10% higher than last year, and bidding wars in the Toronto area still in evidence despite the nasty weather and power outages. Look for the 2014 “spring” market to begin very soon after… Read More

Taxing Misconceptions

We’re stuck in an annual “money rut” that is not doing anyone any good. The emphasis on investing for future security and minimizing income tax is crammed into the first third of the year. During the remaining two-thirds of the year, consumers are encouraged to spend, especially during December. Is there any wonder that debt… Read More

Investors Watch Echo-Boomers For Real Estate Trends

In the City of Toronto, there are still construction cranes everywhere, after more than a decade of frantic development. More high-rise buildings are under construction there than anywhere else in North America. Most of the buildings are mixed-use condominium and retail buildings, but there are also several new office buildings underway. It’s part of a… Read More

Canadian Renovation Spending Will Stay Strong For Years

Home Renovations

If you’re getting your house ready to sell, chances are good that you’ll be spending some money to fix it up and make it more attractive to buyers. If you just bought a house, you’re likely going to spend some money to decorate it and change a few things that you don’t like. When the… Read More

Meaningful Change Coming To Home Inspection Industry

Today anyone can call themselves a home inspector in Ontario. That is a scary proposition since most consumers depend on the opinion of a home inspector before making one of the biggest purchases of their lives. More than 1,500 home inspectors operate in the province yet there are no mandatory training or technical standards for… Read More