How Unfolding Events in China Are Likely to Impact Canadian Mortgage Rates

Dave Larock is an independent mortgage planner. Click on his article below to see why the ongoing turmoil in China is likely to keep our interest rates very low for the foreseeable future. This suggests that our hot real estate market isn’t likely to slow down any time soon. How Unfolding Events in China Are… Read More

Regrets? Canadian Home Buyers Have a Few

With a homeownership rate of about 70 per cent, Canadians continue to show their faith in real estate as an investment. Surveys show that most young people are hoping they’ll be able to buy their own home. But among recent buyers, there are a few regrets — not about homeownership as an investment, but about… Read More

The Dog Days Of Summer Are Upon Us

Prices fell predictably in July, as they do every year, but this by no means signals a change in the market. Certainly, the market ‘thins out’ to some extent during the summer months, as many buyers and sellers take time off to enjoy the warm weather, but this is simply a normal seasonal fluctuation. While… Read More