Land Transfer Tax Explained

tThe burden of land transfer tax

Purchasers in most large Canadian centres can add Land Transfer Taxes to their list of closing costs. Unless you live in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or rural Nova Scotia, land transfer taxes (or¬†Property Purchase Taxes) are a basic fact of life. These taxes, levied on properties that are changing hands, are the responsibility of the purchaser. Depending… Read More

What Buyers Want In a Condominium

What Buyers Are Looking For in a Condo

In Toronto, there are more condos being built than in any other city in North America. Across Canada, condos projects at all price ranges are grabbing home buyers’ attention and down payments. What buyers want in a condo depends partly on where they live, but there are some common themes. A recent survey by TD… Read More

How Renovations Impact Your Home Insurance

Woody Allen once said: “There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?” But if you are planning a renovation to your home and don’t take the time to speak to your insurance broker, you could be making a big mistake. During and after a renovation,… Read More

The Weather Is Cooling – But The Market Is Not

A total of 7,385 homes were sold in the Greater Toronto area last month, 14% higher than last year and an all-time record for the month of November. With one month still to go, we have already set a new calendar year record for home sales, topping the previous record set in 2007. If you… Read More