Improve Your Chances of Obtaining a Home Mortgage

Securing financing to purchase a new home is one of the most important, exciting, and nerve-wracking financial steps most people will ever take. Up until the financial crisis in 2008, mortgage requirements were quite relaxed, but since then lenders have become more stringent; loan applicants must now meet more demanding requirements to obtain a mortgage…. Read More

4 Ways Your Location Can Boost Or Bust Your Home Value

Location, Location, Location

A few years back, “the Starbucks effect” became a legitimate term to explain the higher real estate values associated with living close to the coffee house. But being within easy striking distance of a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte isn’t the only thing that can help boost your home value. Then again, not every location can… Read More

The Five Biggest Turn-offs For Homebuyers

A lot of sellers don’t listen to their real estate agents, so we’ll tell you what your agent wants to say, but can’t say to you and this is it – your agent can’t get you the price you want unless your home is in pristine move-in condition. That means no sticking drawers in the… Read More

Toronto Market Rockets Out of the Gate in 2016

The Toronto real estate market was very strong all through 2015, with prices up 10% and sales up by 9% over 2014. Most analysts foresaw some moderation in 2016; after all, prices have been rising much more quickly than incomes, and affordability is therefore getting strained. And the Canadian economy appears to be following Alberta… Read More