How To Keep Your Home’s Purchase Price Secret

Many buyers would like keep the price they are paying for their home off the public title record. It can be done if you pay the land transfer tax in advance. The tax is usually paid by your lawyer, but you can do it yourself as long as you include these documents with your request:… Read More

What Your Home Insurance Won’t Cover

Home Insurance

If you’re selling your home and the buyer asks whether you’ve had a fire or there has been other damage to the house, just tell them and avoid trouble later. In an unusual case revolving around this principle, Zahid Shah, a Brampton man who was sued by the buyers of his home for withholding that… Read More

New Condo Buyers Could Face Big Bills On Closing

Thousands of people who’ve bought pre-construction condos in the City of Toronto over the last two years or so could find themselves faced with an unexpected extra bill when it eventually comes time to move in. If city council goes ahead with a proposal to double development charges, those extra costs — some $7,671 on… Read More

Rent Control Loophole Blamed For Rising Condo Rents

The Ontario government needs to close a loophole that has created a “two-tiered system of renters” — an increasing number of them in new downtown condos where some landlords are jacking up rents as a form of economic eviction, says the head of the Federation of Metro Tenants’ Associations. The federation has had numerous calls… Read More

Buyers Can Lose Deposit Even If Seller Suffers No Damages

Writing a Deposit Check

If a house deal falls apart because the buyer can’t close and the seller then sells the property to someone else for more, who gets the deposit? Here’s what can happen: In early September 2003, Shankar Iyer and Bala Ramachandran agreed to pay $289,000 for a new home from Pleasant Developments Inc. They accompanied their… Read More

HomeVerified – A New Information Tool For Homebuyers

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A new type of home history report is now available on the market, and it has the potential to become an industry standard in every residential house transaction. The report, compiled by HomeVerified (, a company based in London, is available for homes in every major municipality in Canada. Distribution and sales of the reports… Read More

A Very Costly Homebuying Mistake

Breach of Contract

As part of a home sale, many buyers ask for repairs to be done before the deal closes. But if the details are not set out clearly, there can be serious consequences. Here’s why. In August, 2003 Janet Morrow agreed to buy a house in Kawartha Lakes for $174,000, with a closing date of October… Read More

Should A Seller Disclose That Someone Died in the House?

Should a Seller Disclose a Death in the House?

In November the Toronto Star reported that a Bowmanville couple is suing their real estate agent and the people from whom they bought their house for not disclosing that there had been a double murder there 15 years earlier — including that of a 6-year-old girl. Two years ago in Orangeville, a homebuyer was able… Read More

No-Pet Clauses in Leases Not Legal

No Pet Clauses in Leases

Under the law, you can’t prevent a tenant from bringing a pet into your property, unless it is a condominium and the building declaration says no pets. So even if a landlord and tenant sign a lease that says no pets, the tenant can bring 2 dogs and 4 cats the next day and there… Read More

When Can A Buyer Walk Away From A Deal?

Breach of Contract

Putting your home up for sale can be a tough decision, but once made and the ball is rolling, you may not be able to change your mind. Last week’s column about a $3.3 million home sale that went wrong for the seller prompted several related questions from readers. via   The system for… Read More