Get It In Writing – Don’t Make Assumptions Regarding Real Estate

Get it in Writing

When it comes to estate planning, parents and grandparents often assume everyone knows what they want and will abide by their wishes when they die. But as a recent court case shows, it’s vital to put it in writing to avoid costly disputes later. Click here to view the full article. via   Some… Read More

Ontario Homebuyers Fed Up With Bidding Wars

Buyers Fed Up With Bidding Wars

The Real Estate Council of Ontario is feeling the heat from Toronto’s hot housing market with a surge in calls from potential homebuyers upset they’ve lost out — or won — high-stakes bidding wars. About 30 per cent of the 15,000 inquiries the council has had in the last year are from house hunters overwhelmed… Read More

Mortgage fees: Understand What You Are Paying For

Mortgage Fees

A mortgage is usually the largest financial commitment a person will make. The interest is far more than any other debt, yet it is troubling that many of the details involved in mortgage applications are poorly explained — if at all — to those applying for the loan. More  via   There are several… Read More

Can a Seller Back Out of the Sale of His House?

A BritishColumbia real estate agent was fined $258,000 when he unilaterally cancelled a contract to sell a home and resold it to a second buyer for a higher amount. Hwang Soo Lee of Surrey, B.C., ended up having to compensate his first buyer for behaviour described by a judge as “high-handed and outrageous.” The lesson… Read More

If A Tree Falls In Your Yard – Does Anyone Pay?

Trees and Houses

Among the most popular questions that come up time and again are about trees on the boundary between houses or properties. Who owns them? What are the rules about cutting branches or roots that extend onto your property? If you think a tree is dying, can you cut it down? If your neighbour’s tree falls… Read More

Never Buy A House Without A Home Inspection

Never Buy a House without a Home Inspection

Ontario’s hot housing market continues to spark bidding wars and, in many cases, buyers are being advised by agents to make “clean” offers to get the house they want. By “clean”, the agent means an offer without any conditions in order to make it more acceptable to the seller. Big mistake. I constantly hear stories… Read More

Badly Placed Fences Make For Angry Neighbours

Badly Placed Fences Make for Bad Neighbours

When the Lipischaks bought their house in 1969, there was a wire fence running north-south separating the two properties. Shortly afterward, Frank Lipischak replaced it with a new chain link fence in the same location. The fence that was intended to divide the two lots along the property line in fact extended into the DeWolf… Read More