Will We See the End of the Toronto Land Transfer Tax?

The Burden of Toronto's Land Transfer Tax

During last year’s election campaign, Rob Ford promised to repeal the hated Toronto Land Transfer Tax. As reported by Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB)  president Bill Johnston in today’s Toronto Star, realtors have been fighting against this unfair tax since it was first proposed in 2007, with strong support from the public. Earlier this week, TREB… Read More

2011 Toronto Real Estate Market Off to a Good Start

Toronto Area Price s Mid Jan 2011

Results for the first two weeks of January show that real estate prices in Toronto are remaining strong. The average selling price for the Greater Toronto area was $413,565, approximately 5% higher than the average price of $395,307 for the first two weeks of January 2010. Sales volume remains low, with total sales of 1,563… Read More

Long-term Future is Bright For Canadian Condos

"Condominium towers"

Drive around any major Canadian city and you’re likely to see lots of new condominium buildings under construction. You may wonder who is going to buy and live in those condos – and the answer is, everyone. In 2006, when the last Census was held, the number of owner-occupied condos in Canada was more than… Read More

Toronto Real Estate Prices Remain Strong

Price Chart Dec 15 2010

Toronto area selling prices for the first half of December are higher than in November, which is unusual for this time of year. This suggests that the spring market in 2011 will once again be strong, supported by continued low interest rates and a paucity of homes for sale.

Toronto Real Estate Market Stabilizing

Toronto Area Prices 2010

Evidence is accumulating that the Toronto area real estate market is returning to normal after a wild roller coaster ride that began in late 2008 when the financial crisis hit the world economy like a tsunami. Prices and sales volumes fell from late 2008 until early 2009; rebounded sharply upward from early 2009 until mid 2010; fell again during this past summer; and have rebounded again since September.

Toronto Real Estate Market Shifting Into High Gear Again?

Price Chart Oct 2010

Toronto area real estate prices rebounded sharply in September, and the trend has continued through the first half of October. The latest data from the Toronto Real Estate Board show an average selling price for the Greater Toronto area of $444,644, very close to the all-time high average price of $446,593 reached in May of this year.

A Goldilocks Toronto Real Estate Market?

A Goldilocks Toronto Real Estate Market

A Goldilocks Toronto Real Estate MarketA broad  consensus seems to be emerging about the present & forecast state of the world economy: no double dip, but very slow and uneven growth for  at least the next couple of years. This, combined with low interest rates for the foreseeable future, means that the real estate market is “just right”.

Toronto Real Estate Market on Track for a Soft Landing

Price Chart Sept 2010

The fall market in the Greater Toronto area kicked off with a flurry of new listings, and prices are slightly higher than they were at this time last year. Considering that the market was extremely hot in the fall of 2009, this is a very positive sign, indicating that the market continues to be quite healthy.