What You Should Know About Buying and Selling Real Estate If You’ve Been Out Of The Market For A Long Time

If you’ve owned your current home for many years, you may find that a lot has changed in the real estate world. Understanding what has changed can come in handy when you’re entering the market for the first time in a while. Here are a few of the key ways the real estate marketplace has… Read More

Moving On… Packing Up The Memories

You have decided to downsize.  You no longer want the responsibility, expense or maintenance of a family home; it is too big now that the kids are gone and you want to start relaxing.  You have found the perfect spot.  It is smaller, but you don’t need as much space.  You don’t need to maintain… Read More

What Canadians Want in Housing

Canadian House in Winter

Winter (and the threat of it) drives Canadians south of the border, not displeasure with their communities or way of life. Why don’t we build more housing attached to covered areas like shopping malls, entertainment centres, and urban underground shopping concourses so we can stay home and get out in all weather? Why aren’t Canadians… Read More