Five Things You Should Know About Home Inspections

If you’re hiring someone to inspect the home you want to buy, or you’re a seller trying to find out if there are any hidden problems that need fixing before you put your home on the market, here are five things you need to know: 1. You can choose your home inspector. Your real estate… Read More

Mould – The Next Big Home Safety Issue?

Mould – The Next Big Home Safety Issue?

Mould, of course, is nothing new. Moulds, like bacteria, are everywhere and unavoidable, and everyone is familiar with the common moulds that grow on old bread & fruit and in bathrooms that haven’t been cleaned often or well enough. Some individuals, however, are very sensitive to moulds, and can experience nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing,… Read More

Understand The Full Costs Of Buying A Home

When you’re looking to buy a home, it’s easy to forget that the purchase price is just one of many costs associated with ownership. These costs can add up and take an unexpected chunk out of your budget. So it’s important to understand the full cost of buying a property. PRE-CLOSING COSTS Home inspection Getting… Read More

Meaningful Change Coming To Home Inspection Industry

Today anyone can call themselves a home inspector in Ontario. That is a scary proposition since most consumers depend on the opinion of a home inspector before making one of the biggest purchases of their lives. More than 1,500 home inspectors operate in the province yet there are no mandatory training or technical standards for… Read More

Buyers Must Check Carefully For Defects

Home Inspection

Buyers must be very careful to check for minor defects in a home by themselves, as they may not be protected if they find out about it later. One reader complained that after closing, they learned that one of the mirrored closet doors was cracked. When they had first inspected the home, the closet doors… Read More

HomeVerified – A New Information Tool For Homebuyers

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A new type of home history report is now available on the market, and it has the potential to become an industry standard in every residential house transaction. The report, compiled by HomeVerified (, a company based in London, is available for homes in every major municipality in Canada. Distribution and sales of the reports… Read More

A Very Costly Homebuying Mistake

Breach of Contract

As part of a home sale, many buyers ask for repairs to be done before the deal closes. But if the details are not set out clearly, there can be serious consequences. Here’s why. In August, 2003 Janet Morrow agreed to buy a house in Kawartha Lakes for $174,000, with a closing date of October… Read More

Five Pitfalls That Keep Buyers From Finding The Right Home

Home Buyers

Buying a home is like searching for a mate. You’ll go on many first dates and in the end, the one that has most but maybe not all of the characteristics that you want, will win your heart. However, first-time buyers and sometimes even serial homebuyers are disappointed by how long the process takes. Yet… Read More

CSA May Get Involved in Training & Certification of Home Inspectors

Home Inspection

The Canadian Standards Association Group and the National Home Inspector Certification Council have agreed to explore the possibility of having the CSA get involved in training, testing and certification of home inspectors from coast to coast. The two groups are in “very preliminary discussions” to see if they can build “a strong, credible, consistent and… Read More

Don’t Just worry about Grow Houses ~ Flowers can do Damage too!


Everyone is concerned about marihuana grow houses and the damage that they can do, but what about somebody just growing flowers? To a large extent, it’s much the same. The area in the home is dense with flowers. They get watered and they get sunlight 9either real or artificial), but the result is the same…. Read More