How To Make A Small Space Feel Larger

Pages of glossy magazines are often filled with immense rooms and oversized spaces full of grandeur and twelve-foot ceilings. But the truth is that most of us live in houses, apartments or townhomes built on a much smaller scale. When faced with the size of some of these tiny rooms, it’s easy to get frustrated… Read More

5 Home Projects Only A Professional Should Do

It’s easy for homeowners to get caught up in the world of Pinterest and do-it-yourself blogs. While unique, custom projects can be a great way to personalize or spruce up your home, some projects are better left to professional contractors. Next time a friend or client has a brilliant idea to attempt one of these… Read More

When Not To Try And DIY

You know the saying about your eyes being bigger than your stomach when you order a giant meal at a restaurant and then only eat a fraction? When it comes to DIY, your eyes can be bigger than your skill. Or your balance. Or your finesse. Paint your room or pull up your carpet or… Read More

Understand The Full Costs Of Buying A Home

When you’re looking to buy a home, it’s easy to forget that the purchase price is just one of many costs associated with ownership. These costs can add up and take an unexpected chunk out of your budget. So it’s important to understand the full cost of buying a property. PRE-CLOSING COSTS Home inspection Getting… Read More

What You Need To Do To Your House Before Winter

House in Winter

As fall arrives, thoughts start to turn to boots and sweaters and parkas and snowball fights. But before we start changing out our wardrobe and preparing for snowfall, there are a few things we should do to our home. Air leaks throughout house Air leaks are one of the primary sources for energy loss in… Read More

Canadians Urged To Wake Up To Threats Of Extreme Weather

The Alberta flood of 2013 was the most expensive disaster in Canadian history, costing the Canadian economy $4.8 billion in economic losses, says Barbara Turley-McIntyre of the Co-operators insurance company. “There must be a way that we can come up with adaptation plans that lower those numbers in future, being proactive rather than reactive,” she… Read More

Making The Most Of Small Kitchens

Small Kitchen

Many people complain about small kitchens but tiny spaces aren’t always to be dreaded. If you’re selling your home and your kitchen is, well, compact, know that you can find ways to achieve big appeal with a little creativity. Bring in the light. Sometimes small kitchens can be dark, making them feel even smaller. But… Read More

Tank, Tankless or Thankless

Tankless Water Heater

Is going “tankless” as liberating as it sounds? Is owning a tankless water heater a solid indication that you’re saving money while reducing environmental damage? Your answer to these questions may depend on whether you own or are buying a newly-constructed home versus living in or purchasing an existing, decades-old property. Conventional water heaters heat… Read More

Disconnect Your Downspouts – It’s The Law!

Downspout Disconnection

Toronto homes built before the 1960’s generally had their downspouts connected to the sewer system. That may have been a good idea at the time, but now it’s become a major problem. As the city has grown, the capacity of the sewer system has become seriously strained, especially since much of the city has combined… Read More