The Inside Scoop On Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens make dining al fresco at home more appealing than ever. A rebounding trend in outdoor living reveals more and more properties feature outdoor kitchens that once were the province of only the very wealthy. Today, moving the home’s indoor central meeting place outdoors creates an open-air living space that’s both accessible and inviting… Read More

Patio Appeal May Add Value To Your Home


Depending on where you live, a patio might not be the kind of thing you think about during the cold, and maybe snowy, winter months. But a patio is what many people enjoy on a sunny warm afternoon. It just feels good to sit outside and sip some iced tea or lemonade. That’s the picture… Read More

False Grow Op Rumour Kills House Sale

Marijuana Grow Op

If you learn that your home was once owned by a drug dealer, must you disclose that to a potential buyer when you sell? Donald and Jodi Dietrich bought a home in Winterbourne, Ont. in 2001. They were told by a neighbour several years later that an earlier owner was a drug dealer. In 2007,… Read More

HomeVerified – A New Information Tool For Homebuyers

Marijuana Grow Op

A new type of home history report is now available on the market, and it has the potential to become an industry standard in every residential house transaction. The report, compiled by HomeVerified (, a company based in London, is available for homes in every major municipality in Canada. Distribution and sales of the reports… Read More

Not All Renos Have A Positive ROI

Home Renovations

Homeowners plan renovations for different reasons. Sometimes it’s because they’ve seen a friend’s new kitchen or something on a design show that sparked their imagination. Other times it could start with a repair that turns into a complete makeover. But by the time the renovation is finished, most homeowners will want to know how much… Read More

Foundation Disaster in the Junction

Foundation Disaster in The Junction

On Wednesday, June 27, a detached home on Maria Street in the Junction area of West Toronto suddenly sank on one side, coming within a foot or so of colliding with the house next door. The basement of the house was being lowered by underpinning the foundation when something went terribly wrong (exactly what may… Read More

Tank, Tankless or Thankless

Tankless Water Heater

Is going “tankless” as liberating as it sounds? Is owning a tankless water heater a solid indication that you’re saving money while reducing environmental damage? Your answer to these questions may depend on whether you own or are buying a newly-constructed home versus living in or purchasing an existing, decades-old property. Conventional water heaters heat… Read More

Love The House, Hate The Traffic Noise — There Is Hope!

House on a busy street

Depending on the location, whether you’re shopping for a new home or trying to sell your current residence, one of the biggest challenges is trying to reduce street noise. Tony Sola, founder of cautions homeowners and buyers about too high expectations when it comes to reducing traffic noise. “Too many times I have seen… Read More

How To Deal With City Hall On Zoning Changes

Toronto City Hall

For many people, their first experience with local politics is when someone on their street wants to make a change to their house, or even knock it down and rebuild and so they need a zoning change which is called a minor variance. They may want to build two semi-detached homes or a triplex where… Read More

Disconnect Your Downspouts – It’s The Law!

Downspout Disconnection

Toronto homes built before the 1960’s generally had their downspouts connected to the sewer system. That may have been a good idea at the time, but now it’s become a major problem. As the city has grown, the capacity of the sewer system has become seriously strained, especially since much of the city has combined… Read More