Flooded Basement Leads To A Lawsuit – Who’s Liable?

House with Flooded Basement

Don and Louise Beauchamp sold their home in November, 2007 and a week before closing in early 2008 the basement flooded. They paid $1,649 to dry out the rug and replace the underpad, but did not tell the buyers. The Beauchamps thought this was a “one off” occurrence and since they had fixed the problem… Read More

Housing Evolution Driving Canadian Real Estate Price Appreciation

Housing Evolution Driving Real Esate Price Appreciation

Billions spent in new construction, renovation, and infill over the past decade have contributed to a serious upswing in the calibre of Canada’s housing stock, propping up residential average price in the country’s major centres, according to a report released today by RE/MAX. Since 2000, the value of a Canadian home has doubled, rising from… Read More

Use Paint To Manipulate Mood

Couple painting a wall

Painting your home is a great way to enhance the appearance of your home, especially when it’s time to sell. But don’t just slather on a fresh coat for the sake of upgrading – choose colors that will enhance your mood. When it’s time to sell, anything that you can do to improve the mood… Read More

Improvements That Help To Sell Your Home

Improvements That Help To Sell Your Home

Most sellers know of some repairs that need to be made to their home, and a lot of sellers have many items on that list, but not all repairs are equal or, rather, not all home improvements rank high in the buyer’s mind. Finding out which repairs will help you sell your home helps you… Read More

What’s The Life Expectancy of Your Home’s Components?

One way to prepare for the costs of owning a home beyond the mortgage payment, insurance and taxes, is to know the life expectancy of your home’s components. Such knowledge doesn’t supersede the use of a home inspector when buying a home, but it can help you develop a savings plan so you are prepared for the… Read More