Investors Dominating Toronto Condo Market

Toronto Condo Market Dominated by Investors

With Toronto’s condo market among the hottest in the world right now — almost 68,000 new units are now in the planning stages or under construction across the GTA — investors are cashing in big time on what looks like a sure bet compared to battered stock markets. Some 45 to 60 per cent of… Read More

It’s A Renters’ Market For Condos in Toronto

It's a Renters' Market for Condos in Toronto

A flood of condominiums in the Greater Toronto Area market means that rent increases have been slowing while prices have been escalating. High prices and lower-than-expected rents are not a good recipe for investors, who buy an estimated 45 to 60 per cent of all new condominiums in the Toronto market, according to the study… Read More

When Can You Evict A Tenant For A Family Member?

House for Rent

John from Toronto wondered if he could get rid of a problem tenant by letting his son to live in the apartment and how long his son would have to live there before he could rent it to someone else. The question shows the confusion, as well as the lack of trust, on the part… Read More

Why Provincial Rent Increase Rules May Be An Election Issue In Toronto

Changes in Rules For Rent Increases

Toronto MPP Cheri DiNovo wants to make changes to the way residential rents can be increased that will make it almost impossible for a landlord to raise the rent above the guidelines without the approval of the Landlord and Tenant Board. DiNovo, who sits for the NDP in Parkdale-High Park, has introduced a private member’s… Read More